What is the Owner Builder Responsibilities Course?

This course provides training about the processes, risks and responsibilities taken on by anyone wishing to operate as an owner builder in Tasmania.

It is a mandatory requirement for all owner builders and must be completed with a satisfactory assessment before the Director of Building Control will issue an owner builder registration certificate and number.

No building permit can be issued to an owner builder in Tasmania without them giving proof of their owner builder registration.

How much does the Owner Builder Course cost?

Cost of Whetstone's Owner Builder Resposibilities course is $180, including GST.

Upon registration, applicants can receive an electronic (PDF format) version of the manual or we will send it in hard-copy through the post. Payment is requested at time of assessment, after which a certificate of completion is issued.

If you prefer, you are always welcome to drop into our offices at 1055 Cambridge Road Cambridge to pick up a copy of the manual or ask further questions (please phone to make a time).

How can I do the Owner Builder Course?

Whetstone Pty Ltd is a Tasmanian company that provides training for owner builders seeking registration for construction projects to be undertaken in Tasmania.

The course is structured around a self-paced learning approach using a comprehensive owner builder manual. A candidate then undertakes an assessment interview to demonstrate their understanding of the material in the course before Whetstone issues a certificate of completion.

The course manual is made available either in hard-copy or as an electronic document in pdf format. Assessments can be face-to-face or by telephone/internet to suit the candidate.

To register for the course, fill in the e-mail details on our CONTACT US page or telephone 03 6231 9095 to obtain a manual or ask for for more information.

What is a White Card?

All Australian States and Territories have adopted a uniform approach to occupational health and safety in the construction industry. There is a National Code of Practice with different levels of training and qualification.

The basic unit is a short, self-paced training course entitled "Work Safely in the Construction Industry" and leads to issue of a "White Card" upon successful completion.

The White Card is accepted Australia-wide and there are many service providers offering on-line training and assessment at low cost, all of whom can be found by simply entering "white card" in your search engine.

It is also possible to undertake standard classroom training for a White Card with organisations like Master Builders Tasmania (www.mbatas.org.au) and TasTAFE.

Can I be an owner builder for construction projects other than a simple home dwelling?

Yes, its possible to register as an owner builder for other classes of building, provided you meet the criteria for registration and complete the relevant course work.

Approval to build is in every case, administered by the relevant Local Government authority (Council) within whose boundary the land is situated.

I am having problems reaching the Whetstone office number - how can I get in touch?

What we hope is a temporary failure by iiNet in providing NBN changeover services means that our Whetstone OFFICE NUMBER IS NOT WORKING - If you need to speak with a Whetstone team member, PLEASE CALL Jim on 0408 291 498

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